What Is OpenTabs?

OpenTabs is a non-profit organisation aiming to reduce poverty in innovative ways. Our mission is to be the most affordable and convenient way of having an impact. For this reason, we created a free web browser extension that allows you to passively raise funds towards providing microloans and preventing malaria, by simply opening new tabs.

Just think of how many tabs you open, and now imagine changing the world by doing just that. Download OpenTabs and start passively making an impact. It has never been so easy to change the world.

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Providing Microloans

Worldwide, 1.7 billion adults are unbanked, a disproportionate 56% of whom are women in developing countries. Microloans allow individuals to break from the poverty trap and are essential to getting the market forces moving. They are also a very sustainable form of aid because once repaid (typically within 8-18 months), they can be loaned out again and again. Microloans can be as small as $25 and help the financially excluded to start and grow their businesses (be it a shop or a farm for example), or improve their living conditions (by building a sanitary toilet or a solar powered stove for example).

Not only do microloans have a direct and immense impact in helping individuals increase their standards of living, but they allow them to create new opportunities for themselves as well as their families and communities. By opening tabs, you can now raise funds towards providing microloans and lifting people out of poverty.


Nets Funded

Preventing Malaria

Malaria is a disease that is transmitted through disease-carrying mosquitoes, killing around 400,000 people a year and infecting upwards of 200 million. It is a preventable disease, which pregnant women and children are particularly vulnerable to, with 70% of its deaths being children under the age of 5. We are supporting the Against Malaria Foundation with regular donations. 100% of the donations we make to AMF will be used to buy nets and you can follow where the nets we fund are distributed by clicking here.

This disease is a significant burden on the livelihood of sub-Saharan Africans and their economy (where 90% of malaria deaths occur). It is estimated that every €1 spent fighting malaria increases their GDP by €12. By opening tabs, you can now raise funds towards donating long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), the most effective method of prevention.