Are you a student in high school or university and passionate about making a difference in the fights against climate change and poverty? OpenTabs’ Student Programs provides simple opportunities and ideas with high impact that will enable you and your high school or university community to become a true fosterer of change. Our programs differ in time and commitment.

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How can you make a difference?


Be An Impact Multiplier

Referring friends, family, teachers and other members of your community to the OpenTabs extension to generate more funds for donations and microloans. A 100% online program aimed at anyone looking to dedicate time towards creating a positive impact. Autogeneratable certificates are available to officially recognise the hours you’ve committed as a volunteer.


Become A Master Tabber

Improve the sustainability of your school by building and leading the presence of OpenTabs. This is typically done through a mix of contacting decision-making bodies, creating and leading a club, association or society, or carrying out other initiatives advocating for your school to officially download and switch to OpenTabs.

Show off your impact!

We have released customisable merchandise exclusively for our Student Programs. Many of you make hoodies for your sports team or senior-year class, but struggle to find a sustainable and ethically-sourced way of making them. Every hoodie made by OpenTabs saves 2,000 trees, is shipped in plastic-free packaging, and is made with organic cotton in a renewable-energy powered factory.